These things are for real

Date: 23 października 2022
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Greifswald, Kalr-Marx Platz

Wernisaż wystawy w Cubic Art Space w Greifswaldzie w północnych Niemczech w ramach Polenmarkt Festival.


“These things are for real”

These are things that I do not know or recognize but somehow I remember them.

Like some primaeval kins. Dreams, paths, fears, revelations and thrills.

Forms and shapes that came from water, earth and air.

Like sounds and quakes.

Rivers like veins, branches like bones, roots like guts and skin like bark.

Things that are what they want to be and are not what they are not supposed to be.

Prints. Drawings. Ancient rituals with a modern approach.

Primitive, the meditative representation of a complex and everlasting spectacle of mimetism.

I create them in peace, making monotypes, using printing ink, charcoals, chalk, graphites and pencils. The tools, materials and individual stages of the process are more important than the final outcome; imperfection, accident and surprise are allowed and often constitute the major approach. The final image reveals itself on the reverse of the ground, something new and unforeseen. And so I continue…