Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra

Date: 26 listopada 2023
Time: 20:30 - 23:00
Location: Chmury, 11 Listopada 22, Warszawa

Welcome to WIO @ Chmury.
Our continuing cycle of large scale freely improvised music concerts.
As you know the exact nature of the music played is determined by the line up and the inspiration on the night.
(Last time was pretty far out with a 4 guitar front line !)
So expect a few surprises this time as well.
This is the FINAL WIO Concert for 2023, so let us make it a very special one.
We also want to thank our audience, without your continued support these concerts would not be possible.
The Line Up …. (more names may be added)
01. Ray Dickaty – Conduction
02. Michal Bromboszcz – Cello
03. Misza Kinsner – Bass Sax
04. Veranika Los – Voice
05. Marta Sonsalla – Violin
06. Wojtek Więckowski – Electric Guitar
07. Karol Ozonek – Trumpet
08. Dominik “Dodas” Mokrzewski – Drums
09. Marcin Gokieli (Korzyb Murski) – Voice
10. Stanislaw Welbel – Alto Sax

Doors Open at 20.30
Onstage at 21.00