Date: 25 lutego 2024
Time: 20:30 - 22:00
Location: Chmury, 11 listopada, warszawa

It is with joy and delight that once again WIO invite you to Chmury for our second event of 2024.
Using conduction and the musicians instinctive improvisational abilities WIO will once more tingle the ears and delight the senses as they embark on their evenings musical journey.
We welcome you to come and enjoy improvised music at its finest.
Musicians List ….. And what an intriguing and exciting group it is !
01. Ray Dickaty – Conduction
02. Jacek Cichocki – Keys
03. Michal Bromboszcz – Cello
04. Wojtek Więckowski – Electric Guitar
05. Misza Kinsner – Bass Sax
06. Piotr Mełech – Clarinet
07. Anna Jędrzejewska (Sash Anka) – Midi keys / Laptop
08. Jan Malkowski (Jan Skerebotte) – Alto Sax
09. Marcin Gokieli (Korzyb Murski) – Voice
10. Kamil Kowalski – Laptop
Doors Open at 20.30
Onstage at 21.00
Fee 30zł (cash only)